Benefits of nasal irrigation

October 26, 2018

Nasal irrigation has been used in many types of traditional treatments for over a thousand years. The best known of these is Ayurvedic medicine, where nasal irrigation is an important element for proper breathing technique and general health. Indeed, this is still taught in yoga classes around the world.


Numerous scientific studies have shown the benefits of nasal and sinus irrigation using a large volume with low pressure. Nasal and sinus irrigation is strongly recommended as a stand-alone treatment or in addition to conventional medical treatment, associated with numerous inflammatory disorders of the nose and sinuses.


The exact mechanism by which nasal irrigation offers benefits remains to be clarified, but it would be related to mucosal surface cleaning with removal of bacteria, reduction of dust and allergens, and soothing of the skin. dryness by moisturizing the mucosa.


ProbioRinse™ is unique in combining a the benefits of saline nasal irrigation with the addition of a probiotic bacteria. By incorporating freeze-dried probiotic Lactocccus lactis W136 to the convenient individual dose-packs of buffered saline mixture, fresh probiotic is reconstituted at the time of making of the solution, so that fresh probiotic rinse solution is used each time.