Probiorinse in pharmacies

The Probiorinse™ can be obtained in pharmacies at the following branches: 

PROXIM M. Leclerc and G. Couillard

1067 avenue Laurier O., Montreal, Quebec, H2V 2L2
Phone. : (514) 274-3567

PROXIM Emmanuel Abikhzer and Alexandre Rudnicki

1000 rue Saint-Denis, Dvg 3213 (CHUM), Montreal, Quebec, H2X 0C1
Phone. : (514) 284-5551

PROXIM Emmanuel Abikhzer

Do you represent a pharmacy or other health products store and wish to obtain Probiorinse in branch?

Send us a message at to get Probiorinse ™ in your branch now! We offer several sourcing plans to meet all of your needs.

Are you an individual and want Probiorinse to be available at your local pharmacy or health food store to avoid shipping costs?

If you want the Probiorinse ™ is available in your local branch, we invite you to ask your pharmacist to contact us to obtain.