Probiorinse ™ Nose and Sinus Irrigation Solution with probiotics

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Due to your immense enthusiasm for our product, Probiorinse is temporarily out of stock in Canada.

Our next production will be available in March 2021.

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Pre-orders will be fulfilled from April 2021.

** Available for CANADIAN Residents only **

Probiorinse is a pre-mixed, buffered sinus irrigation solution which contains our proprietary version of the naturally occurring probiotic bacteria Lactococcus Lactis W136. This solution is complete; it is not necessary to add salt or other ingredients. 

By acting as a source of healthy probiotic bacteria, Probiorinse can contribute to the health of the nose and sinuses by improving cleansing and helping to restore balanced flora or colonies of nasal and sinus bacteria. Each sachet of premixed saline contains 2,4 billion colony-forming units (CFU) of our proprietary probiotic nasal and sinus probiotic formulation. Lactococcus Lactis W136. When mixed with clean, well-stirred water, each sachet is a buffered isotonic saline solution containing 2,4 billion CFU of Lactococcus lactis W136,, ready to use with any 240 mL nasal and sinus irrigator.


Each box contains 28 individual sachets sufficient for 14 days of irrigation.