October 26, 2018

ProbioRinse ™ is the first probiotic for intranasal applications.

Is there a microbiome of the nose?


The microbiome is defined as "the set of microorganisms and their collective genetic material present in or on the human body" (; 2018). As we have about 10 times more microbial cells in or on our bodies than human cells, they can play an important role in maintaining health and developing the disease. Each organ and body site has bacterial colonies called "microbiomes". This varies according to the place and can vary considerably depending on the local conditions: hot or cold, wet or dry, etc.


<font style="vertical-align: inherit;">While the gut microbiome has received the lion’s share of attention, we are still learning important facts about microbiome of other sites such as the skin, reproductive passages, and the nose. Researchers have identified that a bacterial imbalance is present in patients with allergies and with chronic rhinosinusitis, with decreased beneficial species and a decrease in diversity, or variety of organisms recovered</font>


<font style="vertical-align: inherit;">It is believed that the delicate balance in the composition of these bacterial communities can be disturbed by inflammation, viral infections or allergies, leading to an imbalance in bacteria species termed ‘dysbiosis’. This imbalance is believed to impair the protective and health-maintaining properties of the microbiome, thereby contributing to development and persistence for disease. For these reasons, researchers and clinicians are increasingly attempting to manipulate the microbiome in various fashions, including the use of probiotics.</font>


Until recently, there were no probiotics available for intranasal use. Fortunately, ProbioRinse ™ now offers an innovative therapeutic alternative to patients with nasal and sinus problems. ProbioRinse ™ is unique because it combines the benefits of nasal saline irrigation with the addition of a probiotic bacteria. By incorporating the freeze-dried probiotic Lactocccus lactis W136 to the convenient individual dose-packs of buffered saline mixture, fresh probiotic is reconstituted at the time of making of the solution, so that fresh probiotic rinse solution is used each time.



October 26, 2018

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